The project I worked on for ICS 499 Computer Project (Fall 2011) with Dr. Lipyeow Lim.  The goal of this project was to create a PHP and MySQL based web page that compares statistics from the popular online video game “World of Warcraft.”  This project will be based on the data stored at which stores various game statistics (such as healing or damage done) of player’s monster kills.  Initially, the user will enter a link to their guild page and the program will get the game statistics of that guild’s monster kills by crawling the DOM of the website and store those statistics in the MySQL database.  The program will then use that data along with any extra data stored in the database to generate a web page that provides lists the statistics in a manner that makes it easy to compare the statistics generated from multiple monster kills.  It does this using graphs generated using FusionCharts Free.

The starting page of the WoWStats site.  Prompts the user for the guild’s worldoflogs URL.

After clicking submit, the website will gather data from and print statistics regarding the progress of the data collection.  The user may skip to the previously collected data and let the data collection occur in the background while browsing the old data.

To browse the data, the user must select a player from the list of all players associated with the guild.

Then the user must select a zone that the player has data for.

Once the zone has been selected, the site will display charts for each boss that the player has defeated in the selected zone.  Different difficulties will be plotted on different charts.