ICS 321 UH Band Attendance Database

The database application I created for my group’s ICS 321 project in the Spring 2011 semester.  It is a PHP-based application that serves as a user interface for the user to access and modify an IBM DB2 database that can be used to track attendance for the University of Hawaii Band and calculate grades based off of that attendance.

This project is tentatively finished as it essentially performs as expected, but there are several extensions that I would like to add if the project is revived.  First, I want to migrate it to a MySQL database as that seems to be a more commonly used database system.  Furthermore, I am currently running a MySQL database on my computer instead of an IBM DB2 database which makes the project inoperable at the moment (hence I will not be able to provide any screen shots until the project is migrated). Secondly, I want to create a log-in type of system so that only certain authorized individuals would be able to modify the data.  Finally, I wish to add some more provisions to prevent SQL injection such as prepared statements using parameters.  The current set-up uses string concatenation to create the SQL statements which makes it vulnerable despite the current input validation checks.

Current source files may be found here.